Lithonia - 265A1X - 120V-277V 4000K TWH LED ALO Series Die-Cast Wall Pack LED Outdoor, Glass


Product code: YKLTWHLEDALO40K

Manufacturer: Acuity

Brand: Lithonia

Part Number: 265A1X

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The TWH LED offers a classic appearance and is powered by advanced LEDs. The new TWH LED luminaire is powerful yet energy efficient, capable of replacing up to a 400W metal halide luminaire while saving up to 83% in energy costs. Offering an expected service life of more than 20 years, the TWH LED eliminates frequent lamp and ballast replacements associated with traditional technologies. The new TWH LED features an Adjustable Light Output (ALO), that allows the contractor to set the light output, during installation, to a level perfectly suited for the job site. The feature allows one luminaire to replace anywhere from 70W to all the way up to 400W metal halide luminaire.
UPC 191848355251
Voltage 120
Temp in K 4000
Specification  Detailed Specifications