Standard Products Inc. - 57335 - 12V Standard Rechargeable Battery, 35Ah


Product code: IWABAT1235

Manufacturer: Standard Products Inc.

Part Number: 57335

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12 V 12 Ah is a general purpose battery with 3 to 5 years in standby service or more than 400 cycles at 50 % depth of discharge in cycle service. Full particle tank formation. Delivers 100% capacity on first cycle. Immobilized electrolyte. Non-spillable, useable in any position, and maintenance free. Benefits: Rechargeable -Provides hundreds to thousands of recharge cycles (depending on depth of discharge). Extended float life Batteries are designed for 3 to 5 years in standby applications at 25°C under JIS and Eurobat standards. Superior shelf life. Battery can be stored in excess of 12 months at 20°C. Applications: Standby use: Fire alarm and security systems. Emergency lighting equipment.

UPC 695495733520
Height 165mm
Length 197mm
Width 132mm
Specification  Detailed Specifications