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  1. Arlington - GPD19BGC
    Product Code: ARLGPD19BGC

    Description: 'Arlington’s Gard-N-Posts™ are the attractive, safe, easy way to install devices outdoors! The GPD19 Gard-N-Post™ is a UL Listed enclosure with a clear, weatherproof-in-use cover. Built-in stabilizers deliver rigid support and need no assembly. The post is angled at the bottom to allow easy access to underground wires. This one-p...

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  2. Arlington - GPP60B
    Product Code: ARLGPP60B

    PRODUCT DETAILS • Dimension: 4.750 Inch Length x 4.750 Inch Width • 3/4 Inch NPT fixture Arlington Gard-N-Post™ Pagoda Style light fixture in black color is compatible for use with 40-Watts halogen/incandescent or 14-Watts fluorescent light. It is suitable for heavy-duty commercial and residential applications. It measures 4.750 Inch x 4.750 ...

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