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  1. Acuity - OFLR 6LC 120 MO WH M2
    Product Code: YKLOFLR6LC120MOWHM2

    120 Volt, Motion Sensor, White finish, SKU - 202W23

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  2. RAB - 097822
    Product Code: DESMS5182WH

    MS518-2 sensor has a 180 degree view and comes with 2 Par holders and mounting plate. Turns lights on from 5 seconds to 12 minutes. Unit can be wired in parallel. Whenever the motion sensor detects motion the floodlights automatically turn on. Tested at -20C start temperature. Available in black or white. • Photoelectric control, deactivates ligh...

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  3. Acuity - OFLR 6LC 120 MO BZ M2
    Product Code: YKLOFLR6LC120MOBZM2

    120 Volt, Motion Sensor, Bronze, SKU - 202W24

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