Canlyte - 2AVEG39L8354ACR-347 - Fixture LED Troffer 2x4 3900l 347v 3500k non Dimmer


Product code: CFI2AVEG39L8354ACR347

Manufacturer: Philips

Brand: Canlyte

Part Number: 2AVEG39L8354ACR-347

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The Philips Day-Brite / Philips CFI Arioso Recessed LED Ribbed Acrylic is ideal for indoor general area lighting such as office, schools, retail and health care applications. It offers standard setting efficiency without aesthetic compromise. These LED luminaires combine state-of-the art, flexible and globally- recognized LED lighting platforms with proven Arioso optical combinations. Its 100% frosted ribbed acrylic lens that provides soft, balanced , direct and reflected light. It delivers up to 3824 lumens at 40.5 Watts and has multiple lumen outputs available to balance energy savings with lighting application needs. Highly efficient and long lasting, it has a minimum of 50,000 hours rated life (L70).

Special Features • 100% frosted ribbed acrylic lens provides soft, balanced, direct and reflected light <br>• Seamless welded form – curved top and side reflectors formed together without any gaps or visual barriers <br>• High performance LED technology delivers up t
Certifications C UL US Listed
Application(how its used) For indoor general area lighting – offices, schools, retail and health care applications
Length 4 feet
Width 2 feet
Specification  Detailed Specifications