Ge - SELA36AT0060 - 40-60Amp 3 Pole General Electric Spectra RMS™ SEL Molded Case Circuit Breaker Frame


Product code: GEDSELA36AT0060

Manufacturer: Ge

Part Number: SELA36AT0060

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Spectra RMS molded case circuit breakers (SE150, SF250, SG600 and SK1200) have a digital, solid state, RMS sensing trip system with field installable, front-mounted rating plugs to establish or change the breaker ampere rating. Adjustable instantaneous with tracking short-time is standard on all frames. The trip system uses digital sampling to determine the RMS value of sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal currents. Circuit breaker, molded case, electronic, current limiting; Se frame; 240/480/600 VoltAC (ul); 220 to 240/380 to 415/500/690 VoltAC (iec); 30 ampere; 3 pole; Interrupting rating 100 kiloampere at 240 vac, 65 kiloampere at 480 vac, 25 kiloampere at 600 VoltAC (ul)

UPC 78316421146
UNSPSC 39121601
Poles 3
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