Siemens - P1C42MC250C - 250Amp 208Y/120V 3-Phase 4-Wire 42 Circuit Siemens Type P1 Panelboard Interior Convertible


Product code: SIEP1C42MC250C

Manufacturer: Siemens

Part Number: P1C42MC250C

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Siemens is proud to introduce new, innovative additions to the P1 series of panelboards. The new “Next Gen P1” Panelboard increases the flexibility and customization options available in Siemens already robust panelboard line of products. Siemens New “Next Gen P1” Panelboard Siemens new Next Gen P1 panelboard adds additional strength and flexibility, through the introduction of Non-Feed-Thru options, to the already rugged, best-in-class line of panelboards. By now offering both Feed-Thru (FT) and Non-Feed-Thru (NFT) configuration options, Siemens offers even greater flexibility and potential for customers to configure solutions that are optimized to meet the many unique application and budgetary requirements that today’s projects demand. For applications where additional space for feed-thru lugs, a subfeed breaker, or an SPD device isn’t required, the new NFT P1 option is an ideal solution. The NFT Next Gen P1 features an enclosure that is 6’’ (152 mm) shorter than a comparably configured P1 with a FT design. Additionally, the NFT design can accommodate 12 circuits more than the FT design panelboard in the same sized enclosure. Extended Circuitries In addition to the new NFT options, Siemens P1 line of panelboard products now offer extended circuit options. New, higher 54 and 66 circuit options allow for the elimination of a second enclosure in many applications that would have previously required it. The extended circuit options also facilitate the configuration of P1 panelboard solutions for many applications that have traditionally required the use of a P2 or P3 panelboard. Adaptability The new NFT design, coupled with the extended circuitries offer additional options for adding circuits to existing Siemens P1 with the Feed-Thru design. Where a 42 circuit FT P1 panelboard needs additional circuits but is not utilizing the provided subfeed space, the interior can be replaced by a new 54 circuit NFT design interior. This saves the customer the cost of a new enclosure and cover while still providing the option for extended circuitries. This selection and application guide is designed to provide full insight into these and many other new features, enhancements and options that will allow you to take full advantage of the flexibility and customization options Siemens offers to configure the P1 panelboard that best meets your specific needs. Flexibility and ease of assembly: Customer oriented design creates installation convenience. For all of its one-of-a-kind features, the P1 panelboard is also designed to be extremely user friendly. For instance, field convertible main breaker and main lug kits - (through 400 amps), will allow you to switch from main lug to main breaker, and vice versa with no change in box size or additional cabling. Plus, lay-in construction (for 250 A CU) and/or removable lugs make wiring the main and neutral lugs easier and faster. To further speed wiring, as well as reduce clutter, the P1 panel also features a split neutral design and branch neutral connections. Additionally, field addable sub-fed breakers (up to 250 amps) or feed through lug kits can be field installed without utilizing any of your feeder breaker positions or increasing your box height. Furthermore, the unique design allows the panel to be inverted in the field and keep its labeling legible.

UPC 662862560513
Color Gray
Material Aluminum
Height 44 Inch
Voltage 208
Amperage 250
Specification  Detailed Specifications