Siemens - KITSEQ32125SMDW - 125A 32/64 Circuit Panel Pack with White Door

CAD$ 713.54 CAD$ 501.98

Product code: SIEKITSEQ32125SMDW

Manufacturer: Siemens

Part Number: KITSEQ32125SMDW

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A loadcentre is a metal enclosed distribution panel containing circuit breakers which distribute, protect and control lighting and power circuits in residential and light commercial applications, including single-family homes, townhouses, apartment buildings, and small office buildings. SEQ Loadcentre enclosures and trims are formed of cold rolled, code gauge steel. The combination flush/surface trim is flat and plumb in appearance. The enclosures and interiors provide 41/4” (108 mm) side wiring gutters for branch circuits. Main bus bars are formed of cold rolled, one piece tin plated (acid bath tin, zincate process) aluminum. Copper bus is also available. Main lugs, neutral assemblies, and ground bars are suitable for copper or aluminum conductors and comply with the requirements of CSA. The extended capacity fully distributed neutrals give a neutral termination at every breaker position, and is mounted, along with bus bars, on a base part made of engineered resin. CSA listed for 60/75?C wiring applications; ratings are as follows: loadcentre main terminals 60/75?C cu/al wire; branch breaker terminals–60/75?C cu/al wire. All loadcentres are CSA listed under file #13069. Individual circuit breakers are thermal magnetic, quick-make quick-break, trip free, plug-in construction. All two and three pole breakers are common trip. All circuit breakers are CSA listed under file #14374. SIEQA115AFC