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  1. Duracell - PC2400BKD
    Product Code: DURPC2400BKD

    Duracell Batteries provide long lasting power for today’s battery powered industrial devices. Reducing the number of times workers have to replace batteries, makes them more productive and cuts costs. The choice battery for professionals, manufactured to rigid specifications to meet some of the highest standards of durability and longevity. 7 yea...

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  2. Duracell - MX2500
    Product Code: DURMX2500B2PK

    Duracell MX2500 Ultra Cylindrical Battery, Nominal Voltage: 1.5 V, Nominal Capacity: 625 MILAMP-HR, Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 1.2 V At 0.4 HR, 750 MILWTT, Capacity: 2.02 CU-CM, Alkaline-Manganese Dioxide Electrolyte, Life Hour: 0.4 HR At 1.2 V, 750 MILWTT, Internal Impedance: 240 MILOHM At 1 KHZ, Terminal: Flat, Size: AAAA, 8.3 MM Length, 8.3 MM W...

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