3M - 98040055091 - 10.1Oz 3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant


Product code: MMMIC15WB10OZ

Manufacturer: 3M

Part Number: 98040055091

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3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB+ is a high-performance, ready-to-use, gun-grade, latex-based, intumescent sealant that dries to form a monolithic firestop seal that also acts as a barrier to airborne sound transmission. 3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB+ helps control the spread of fire, smoke and noxious gasses before, during and after exposure to a fire when installed in accordance with a listed through penetration or fire-resistive joint assembly system. 3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB+ firestops blank openings and penetrations passing through fire-rated floor, floor/ceiling or wall assemblies and other fire-rated interior building construction. The unique intumescent property of this material allows 3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB+ to expand and help maintain a firestop penetration seal for up to 4 hours as penetrants are exposed to fire. 3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB+ exhibits excellent adhesion to a full range of construction substrates and penetrants. No mixing is required.

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Color Red
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