Paisley - G1202G - 1 Gallon Glyptal® Insulating Varnish, Clear


Product code: GLYG1202G

Manufacturer: Paisley

Part Number: G1202G

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DESCRIPTION GLYPTAL 1202 INSULATING VARNISH is a clear air-drying , insulating, and finishing varnish designed for applications where oil, moisture, and acidresistant coatings are desired. This fast-drying, synthetic-resin-type varnish is often used as a final coat over other varnishes, giving a hard, glossy protective coating. GLYPTAL 1202 Varnish has excellent heat resistance and will operate as a finish coat at temperatures up to 145 ºC on an apparatus that is not flexed. Although primarily an air-drying varnish, the oil, moisture, acid, and salt water resistance are greatly improved by baking. GLYPTAL 1202 has excellent adhesion to most materials. It has excellent dip tank stability where the proper thinners are used. APPLICATIONS: GLYPTAL 1202 is suggested as a general-purpose insulating and finishing varnish for form and random-wound coils, stators, armatures, and most other types of electrical apparatuses. It is excellent for giving and oil-resistant finish coating over inexpensive asphalt varnishes.

Color Clear
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