Greenlee - 840AH - 1/2" Greenlee Conduit Bender with Handle


Product code: GRN840AH

Manufacturer: Greenlee Textron, Inc.

Brand: Greenlee

Part Number: 840AH

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Superior, patented Site-Rite sighting system featuring cast-in, readable markings on the bender heads and a finish that provides for the best visibility in low-light. Choice of aluminum or iron alloy construction provides options depending on the user's preference for feel and weight. Strong, stable square hook design. 1-1/2" bender heads both offer the power pedal feature with a larger foot area on the head for greater control, stability and leverage. 1/2", 3/4" & 1" bender heads all have enlarged foot pedals and increased toe room to ensure greater control, stability and leverage. All the bender handles area consistent diameter, offering a bigger grip area, while still straight up and down for fast 30 degree bends. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

UPC 783310126768
Color Green
Application(how its used) Aluminum Hand Bender Head with Handle for 1/2" EMT
Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty
Material Aluminum
Specification  Detailed Specifications