Rack-A-Tiers - 58075 - 3/4" Pipe Viper PVC Spring Bender


Product code: RAC58075

Manufacturer: Rack-A-Tiers

Part Number: 58075

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You can COLD bend rigid PVC pipe without your pipe collapsing or fracturing. Faster and easier than cutting and gluing factory fittings. NO HEAT REQUIRED! Features • Good for Schedule 40 PVC not 80 • Bends PVC pipe across your knee • No heat guns • No heat blankets • Fewer PVC fittings Mfg Note Just insert the spring into the pipe and bend across your knee. Note: Pipe should be 50 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. PVC pipe requires slight over bending which will "pop back" a few degrees upon the release of bending pressure.

UPC 625912580756
Color Metal
UNSPSC 27112501
Certifications UL Listed
Application(how its used) Wire Helper
Material Metal
Diameter 3/4 in
Specification  Detailed Specifications