Fluke - CNX-V3000-KIT - 1000V AC Voltage Kit CNX V3000 Wireless, Yellow


Product code: FLUCNXV3000KIT

Manufacturer: Fluke

Part Number: CNX-V3000-KIT

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Description: CNX V3000 AC Voltage Kit is a complete wireless measurement system that lets you use make primary measurements on your multimeter while simultaneously viewing True-RMS AC voltage measurements from the remote AC voltage module. Connect the CNX v3000 AC Wireless Voltage Module to your test point, and view the results up to 20 meters away on the CNX Wireless Multimeter. You’ll save time, with less run-around collecting multiple measurements. Use multiple modules for measurements on three-phase systems. Or use as a stand-alone measurement tool or combine with other CNX modules as a system for multiple measurements. From short distances, you can even view readings from modules through closed electrical panels. Plus no more writing down data as the CNX v3000 voltage module captures up to 65,000 sets of time stamped min/max/avg readings, using the optional PC adapter. CNX wireless test tools also offer increased safety by letting you view readings in a separate location from the test point. Now you can take readings on moving machinery, with only the measurement module in harm’s way.

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