24/4 CAT6 FT4 BLUE - 24/4PR FT4 Remee CAT6 Cable, Blue

CAD$196.44 /305MT

Product code: CAB24/4PS6FT4BLU

Part Number: 24/4 CAT6 FT4 BLUE

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Supports all category 6 applications including Ethernet 100BASE -TX, 100BASE-VG and 155 ATM. Particularly suited for high bandwidth applications with anticipated data rates to 3.2 Gbps. Pricing per 305m. Remee wire and cable is manufactured in the US and is MSHA Approved. From simple to complex configurations, Remee can provide a cable to meet your mining and direct burial requirements. We offer a full range of mining cables both copper and fiber, water blocking technology and sunlight resistant jacketing. Our knowledge and experience assures we understand your requirements and provide safe, efficient, and user-friendly low voltage control, signal and communication cable.

Color Blue
Certifications MSHA Approved
Length 4'