10032092 - CAT6 1000' Nexans Berk-Tek LANmark Plenum Cable, White

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Description LANmark-1000 has been improved to offer best-in-class electrical performance. Berk-Tek's engineers completely redesigned LANmark-1000 so that all crosstalk parameters could be improved by four dB. As a result, the Power Sum Attenuation to Crosstalk ratio (PSACR) is nearly 3 times better (at 250 MHz) allowing for much greater signal strength and less vulnerability to noise interference. STANDARDS International : ISO/IEC 11801 National : ANSI/TIA-568-c.2 Category 6; UL 444 DESCRIPTION Berk-Tek LANmark-1000, Performance Guaranteed Before any cable can display the Berk-Tek LANmark-1000 legend, it must pass factory tests with a minimum of 5dB of crosstalk margin beyond the CAT 6 standard for NEXT, PSNEXT, ACR and PSACR. If the margin is missing, so is the legend. That is our guarantee to you. Your business demands continuous performance from your IT network, so our specifications aren't simply numbers on the page. They define the way that we do business. This means that you are guaranteed industry-leading performance and quality for all Berk-Tek products. Some other manufacturers talk about "typical" values, at Berk-Tek, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We won't talk about typicals, we talk about what is true, guaranteed, and independently verified. Based on Berk-Tek's advanced testing, LANmark-1000 has a Converged Application Score (CA Score) of 7.3 and is a good choice for high bandwidth applications and to support a network with more devices using PoE. For more information on CA Score, please click here. Perform Beyond Exectations... Choose Berk-Tek Construction 23 AWG bare copper wire insulated with FEP. Two insulated conductors twisted together to form a pair and four such pairs laid up with crossfiller to form the basic unit, jacketed with flame-retardant PVC. Flame Rating Plenum - NFPA 262, CMP, UL Listed Features Full Power Sum Performance Documented balance characteristics (LCL, LCTL) ETL verified to ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-C.2 RoHS Compliant Benefits Optimal support for Gigabit Ethernet with headroom Power sum characterization gives highest performance using existing applications Provides additional bandwidth required for future applications Addition of balance requirements improves overall cable performance and reduces cable emissions which results in reduced transmission errors Characterized to 550 MHz, 300 MHz greater than the standard

Color White
Length 1000'
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