With more than 60 years of experience in electrical industry, Gescan continuously strives to be the industry leader through exceptional service, innovation and commitment to our customers. Gescan is focused to deliver excellence in each of its 26 branches across Canada and exceed our commitments to the customer we serve.


Gescan's 5 Core Values


Something is only worth doing if it’s done with conviction. Anything is achievable if we put everything behind our goals.


The term to describe how we’re constantly seeking to improve. It’s about being self motivated and challenging each other at every moment to provide the extraordinary.


We don’t strive for best, or even better; we strive to be extraordinary. Things that have an impact and create value for people happen when they achieve extraordinary.


We believe that progress comes from sharing information and ideas. When things are open, the company can get things done faster and better.


Take time for achievements, there is nothing more motivating and pleasurable than celebrating the remarkable things our teams have done.