At Gescan, we believe in creating a greener future for the next generation — leading by example with our sustainable services and solutions. Our commitment to creating a cleaner future extends from establishing and implementing environmental best practices across our 28 western-Canadian operating locations to partnering with trusted suppliers and providing and promoting energy-efficient products that benefit our customers and communities. With the support of our parent company Sonepar, we’re on a journey to better the planet by reducing our own carbon footprint and environmental waste while investing in a future-focused framework to accelerate our goal.  

By harnessing our team’s mind share and passion, we raise awareness for sustainable solutions and increase market access to clean energy alternatives. Today’s achievements catalyze tomorrow’s success as we drive leading the industry gold standard for sustainability.  


Sustainability Committee 

To facilitate meeting corporate environmental objectives, we appointed Health, Safety and Environmental Manager Edmund Soong to represent Gescan on Sonepar’s global Sustainability Committee. The group meets monthly to share best practices, review and reevaluate metrics and action plans, and identify new opportunities that reduce emissions and energy usage. This added layer of accountability ensures we focus on the strategic roadmap supporting our three, five and ten-year objectives.   


EV Readiness 

Future-proofing our operations and offerings is integral to our business and sustainability goals. In 2021 we commenced an EV-ready initiative, installing electric vehicle charging stations at some of our branches — complimentary to staff, customers, and suppliers across western Canada. We plan to install 14 additional chargers in 2023, continuing our efforts to have a charger at each branch location over the next couple of years. To further incentivize this drive-green program, we offer a higher car allowance benefit to staff who invest in electric vehicles.  


Automation & Upgrading 

Another sustainable initiative near completion is our eco-smart facility upgrades, including converting almost 97% (to date) of our operating locations to LED lighting fixtures and implementing building energy management systems and vacancy automation. Additional enhancements, like better-quality insulation and freight door solutions, have positively impacted our quarterly energy audits.  


Reduce and Recycle 

Gescan’s comprehensive recycling program across our western Canadian offices and warehouses lessens our environmental footprint by significantly reducing landfill waste. A key program component is sorting and separating product shipping and packing materials — like metal, wood, cardboard, paper, and shrink wrap — for recycling and reuse—with our end goal, a zero-percent footprint. Further, we give non-returnable reels to our sister company and others to store cable, diverting over 2,000 drums yearly from landfills. 


Digital Leadership 

We’re disrupting the industry by digitizing customer product orders, fulfillment, and invoicing through our proprietary e-commerce platform. In addition to gaining efficiencies, we’re substantially reducing our paper and ink costs and wastage. Gescan is establishing a new benchmark in this realm, gaining ground toward our 100% paperless journey. 


Education & Advocacy  

We strive to be an early adopter of sustainable solutions, enabling our team to educate and advocate for environmentally responsible choices. Gescan’s newly created Sustainability Business Unit Manager position demonstrates our commitment. Once he transitions from Sales Manager, B.C, Lower Mainland, Simon Smoldon will take on his new challenge, championing sustainability solutions and benefits to our strategic partners, suppliers, and customers.  


“Embracing sustainability and advocating for company-wide environmentally-sound best practices are smart, socially responsible business strategies. When we’re intentional in our approach, we realize a greater positive impact for our people, profit, and planet — this will be our legacy.” Javi Richmond, President, Gescan.