New construction & upgrades
Institution maintenance and modernization

Schools actively work to minimize energy use and save financial resources. By effectively managing energy, schools can reduce these costs by approximately 20% and extend the useful life of their buildings. Energy-efficient power distribution, lighting, control and network systems upgrades optimize energy use to ensure costs are kept low while enhancing comfort and service to meet modern demands.


Institutional solutions

We stock the latest in commercial LED Lighting and Control technology along with EV Charging, Distribution and Information Communications Technology products.

Lighting & controls support

Get expert assistance on our innovative selection of indoor and outdoor CCT, lumen selectable, and voltage sensing LED fixtures and smart commercial control systems.

Power distribution experts

Diagnose problems, optimize performance and extend the lifespan of existing equipment with expertise and services from our team of Distribution Specialists.

Network systems specialists

Improve project time and budgeting. Our experts help you spec, budget, procure and manage all your ICT project needs, no matter the size or requirements of the job.

LED lighting

Shown to eliminate migraines, eye strain and fatigue associated with flickering fluorescent lights, institutions are looking to replace traditional lighting with energy-efficient LEDs to create improved learning environments. Adopting cleaner, more energy-efficient lighting also reduces energy use and improves energy management. Reducing energy costs with a lighting retrofit could make a big difference in a school’s budget. Our wide selection of CCT, lumen selectable and voltage sensing fixtures make transitioning to LEDs for schools faster, easier and more affordable.

Wraparound fixtures
LED wrap light applications include every nook and cranny of a school. Our CCT and lumen selectable wraps make it easier to adjust colour, intensity and distribution of lights. These energy-saving, low maintenance and highly versatile wraps are a simple replacements for existing lamp fixtures and help schools reduce budgetary costs.
Centre baskets
Our centre baskets offer smooth, even, light with colour and lumen selectable capabilities allowing users to choose from a variety of power outputs and colour temperatures. LED centre baskets are perfect for a multitude of general illumination applications in schools and other institutional settings and deliver substantial energy and maintenance savings.
Strip lights
Featuring CCT, lumen selectable and/or voltage sensing capabilities, our selection of LED strip lights are designed to prevent energy loss and increase energy savings by allowing the end-user to manage degree of luminosity in applications or spaces requiring continuous lighting, such as hallways and common areas, and can regulate light levels according to occupancy.
Canopy luminaires
Using between 40–600W, retrofitting canopy lighting to LEDs often equals energy savings of 40%-60%. Always delivering evenly displaced illumination, LEDs feature selectable CCT and lumen options for added performance and a lifespan often in excess of 100k hours to drastically reduce maintenance costs.
LED school lighting products
Touchless controls

From simple to more complex solutions, our institutional and commercial touch-free lighting control products can be used by themselves or as part of a bigger system. From plug-ins to switches and sensors, we stock products with cutting-edge technology to ensure you achieve the accuracy and reliability needed for the job.

nLight wireless lighting controls
Digitally-enabled luminaires, sensors and networked lighting controls create a seamless, modern lighting experience while reducing energy costs, aiding in building code compliance and more. Designed as a one-room solution or to be networked across campus, nLight makes installation and space reconfiguration easy while eliminating the challenges of on-site interoperability.

Vive simple, scalable wireless lighting control
Start with a single room and expand as budget and renovation plans allow. Vive offers schools energy savings, improved lighting performance and flexibility to grow their control system. A wireless system, Vive reduces installation times and labour costs while increasing lighting options.
Power distribution

Schools are becoming increasingly intelligent, automated, networked operations requiring power distribution systems with greater flexibility and communication capabilities. Standards are more complex and technical requirements more demanding. The heartbeat of an institution, maintenance of electrical distribution systems is critical for reliable operations and improved safety. Ensure highly consistent and efficient power with expertise from our specialists and expertly coordinated power distribution products and systems.

Expertise, services & solutions for modernizing electrical power

Future-proof designs, optimize performance and extend the lifespan of equipment with expertise and services from our Power Distribution team. Bringing extensive industry experience and a hands-on, in-field approach, our specialists ensure customers obtain the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for their electrical projects. From planning, design, estimating, procurement, scheduling and progression through to construction completion, they’ve managed every aspect of projects in the education sector. Services include Coordination Studies, Short Circuit Studies, Device evaluation, Arc Flash Studies, Ground Grid Testing and more.

Institutional power distribution products









EV charging

Versatile, modular and rugged, our selection of universal outdoor EV chargers allow charging of any standard electric vehicle in just 90 minutes or less. Open-source software and multiple mounting options make for easily customizable configurations to suit any size institutional application. Available set-ups include simple wall-mounted, pedestal or a combination.

Siemens VersiCharge AC series

An easy-to-use app, fast charging, open payment options, smart load management and monitoring, Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) networking and more make the Level 2 VersiCharge AC perfect for any institutional application. They easily integrate into any building management system while scalable parent-child configuration allows child units to be connected to local networks via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and to communicate with a parent unit, reducing investment and operational costs.

FLO EV charging

FLO EV chargers feature internal load management systems, can be configured to authorize access using the FLO mobile app or RFID card authentication, and deliver real-time updates and notifications to drivers. Utilizing G5 cellular connectivity, FLO chargers also offer remote management capabilities when using FLO’s global management services. Sturdy construction ensures longer service life and greater operational reliability, even in the harshest environments.

Level 2 1.2kW to 7.2kW chargers offering scalable architecture and energy management technologies. Using LTE connectivity, CoRe+ allows simple monitoring, price setting and reporting. Integrated Cascading Kit enables serial daisy-chain connection of multiple stations on the same branch circuit. NEMA 4X rated.

Smart 80A (19.2kW) NEMA 4X rated Level 2 station designed for light and medium-duty EV fleets with capability of serving as a public charger. Charges up to 2.7x faster than a typical 30A L2 charging station, with less strain on the battery than a DC fast charger. Featuring flexible charge settings, ranging from 24 to 80 amps.


For where vehicles charge often and quickly, NEMA 3X rated SmartDC is equipped with CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors for fast, reliable charging for DC fast-charging capable EVs. Adjustable output power control options save operational expenditures by avoiding peak energy demand. Available in 50kW or 100kW.


Sturdy and durable, NEMA 4X rated Level 2 30A (up to 7.2kW) charging stations are ideal for sites exposed to harsh weather conditions or vandalism. Connector is stored behind a safety door users unlock using charging session authentication through RFID card or the FLO mobile app. Available in various configurations.

Information Communications Technology

Modern campus networks support a variety of growing education technology needs, from Bring Your Own Device and classroom learning systems to physical security, building AV and connected building systems. As a leader in providing Information Communications Technology products and services for data networks and electrical power applications, our electrical and network solutions ensure smart, scalable and efficient connectivity across all elements of your projects. Our comprehensive cabling, physical infrastructure and specialist services for classrooms, campus data centres and telecommunications rooms simplify the design, installation and operation of evolving school networks to support every type of education technology demand.


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