Gescan Digital Solutions
Web Shop
Our Web Shop is a visual catalogue that allows you to purchase online at any time. Your existing branch pricing is loaded each time you login to your account.

Why Use

  • is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for your convenience
  •    You can look at your pricing and stock levels at any time
  •    You can order online and receive next morning pick-up/ship-out
  •    Do you live far from a branch? You can order with us at any time and we will ship it out to you
Mobile App
Our Mobile App is a tool to allow you to utilize account features at your fingertips. Get the features and benefits of Gescan’s digital solutions anytime and anywhere.

Why use Gescan’s Mobile App?

  •    Browse and place an order fast with our enhanced app experience.
  •    Save your quick lists, checkout baskets, and see your pricing anytime you use the app.
  •    Use your mobile device as a scanner that connects right to our VMI Digital Solution.
  •    Use the app as an extension of your digital ordering and business solutions.
A tool that allows the Gescan rep to send a quote to you directly via Simply log into your online account to modify and approve the quote. Once you complete the checkout, the order gets loaded into Gescan’s business operating system.

Why Use eQuote?

  •    You can request quotes prior to ordering
  •    You can review and approve quotes outside branch hours
  •    Approve a quote online without having to come into the branch
Additional Digital Services Available
Simply send a PO by email (PDF or Excel format) which gets dynamically loaded as an order into our system. You will receive an electronic confirmation.

Why Use eLink?

  •    You can send regular recurring orders in the same format (Excel/PDF)
  •    You can streamline ordering and procurement
  •    You can order regularly stocked products with ease
A direct webshop like experience from within your procurement system that transfers their shopping cart directly to Gescan’s operating system.

Why Use Punchout?

  •    You have your own system in place already
  •    You want to enter it into your own system first
  •    You want to receive pricing exports
This allows you to initiate a direct electronic order transfer from your procurement system to Gescan’s business operating system.

Why Use EDI?

  •    If you have your own system in place already
  •    You want to enter it into your own system first
  •    You want to receive pricing exports
This allows you to replenish your stock using a Gescan provided digital scanner that directly registers the order into our operating system.

Why Use VMI?

  •    You hold stock on location and would like a seamless experience
  •    You order stock frequently
  •    On-site stock replenishment reduces process time
  •    Truck Re-Stocking (Using SX barcoding)
Setup an Online Account Today
Online Account Creation By Text Message
We appreciate how busy you are and now you can setup an account possible by text message – in 3 quick steps! Set up your account this way while you wait for your order or have some downtime.

Online Account Creation by Live Chat
Prefer to connect with a live chat Customer Service Representative to setup your account? No Problem. Complete the same 3 easy steps with a rep using our live chat function.

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