The Smartest Way to Shop

Gescan is available anytime, anywhere! And shopping in-store with Gescan is now even quicker and easier when you use mobile Scan & Go to self-checkout directly from the Gescan App on your smartphone. A futuristic, touchless way to pay, our mobile Scan & Go app helps us provide customers with the best possible experience digitally and physically.

Fast & Contact-Free Checkout

There’s no need to wait in long lines or unpack your cart and with our dedicated Scan & Go checkout counters, simply scan the Scan & Go QR code, sign your invoice and you’re done.

Streamlined Shopping

Instantly view prices and how many of your items we have in stock for a simpler in-store shopping experience. Our easy-to-use Gescan mobile app lets you scan in an instant and tap to delete unnecessary items.

Track Your Total

Scan & Go makes keeping track of your purchases easy. Using the Gescan mobile app, you can keep track of your total while shopping, preventing unexpected charges at check-out.

Download our Gescan mobile app from your app store. Simply scan each item as you shop. You can change quantities and remove items using the app as you shop, as well as keep an eye on your total. Speak to an associate to add custom-cut items to your order.

When you’re finished shopping, scan the Scan & Go QR code with your mobile in-store or at the dedicated Scan & Go checkout area and follow the on-screen instructions to place and pay for your order.

All that’s left is for our Scan & Go checkout associate to review and confirm your invoice. Simply sign the invoice and you’re on your way. There you go!

Download Our Mobile App
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Login Creation By Text Message

We appreciate how busy you are and now you can setup an account possible by text message – in 3 quick steps! Set up your login this way while you wait for your order or have some downtime.

Login Creation by Live Chat

Prefer to connect with a live chat Customer Service Representative to setup your login? No Problem. Complete the same 3 easy steps with a rep using our live chat function.

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