A new way to power your emergency lighting
Emergency Power Conversion Module

Stanpro’s Emergency Power Conversion Module, LINK, provides a new, innovative way to power your lighting during an emergency. Eliminating the need for obtrusive emergency remote heads, LINK is placed inside a normal LED Stanpro fixture and tested to CSA standards.

Now you don’t have to worry about adding more products to your space like battery and emergency packs, as LINK’s sleek integration into the fixture means it fits seamlessly into existing lighting design.

It’s also more affordable than inverters and has one point of maintenance as the LINK module within the fixture can be connected to single battery unit.

You’ll also get access to a complimentary team of experts when you purchase a Stanpro fixture with an integrated LINK module to ensure your path of egress abides by the safety and security requirements needed for your new-build residential, commercial or industrial project.  

Get access to a team of experts

Stanpro provides electricians with access to a team of technical experts to support them through the design, implementation and testing of their emergency lighting system. Learn how Link can support you. 

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