Celebrating Canadian Products & Vendors
July-Long Made in Canada Sale

Gescan proudly supports local businesses. This Canada Day we're celebrating Canadian-made products and vendors with a July-long promotion. Learn more about our homegrown partners and shop featured products such as ABB emergency lighting, mini inverters and wire connectors. We're also offering lighting by Acuity Brands and Stanpro, plus Siemens meters, panelboards, switchboards and ID switches.

ABB Emergency Lighting R&D

Did you know a significant percentage of ABB products sold in Canada are also designed and manufactured locally? ABB’s Montreal Campus is the Global Centre for Emergency Lighting Research and Development. Lumacell, Emergi-Lite and Ready-Lite, products designed and manufactured by ABB Canada, are leading brands of emergency lighting and exit signs. ABB uses the latest technologies to reduce the footprints of its product through compact product design and high-performance LED technology. 

STAR TECK® Fittings
A Benchmark for Safety, Quality & Ease of Installation

Designed and manufactured in Canada to meet the unique challenges of Canadian industry, STAR TECK® fittings are made in aluminum, steel, stainless steel and PVC coated lines to withstand harsh environments. Patented PowerGrip grounding ring and its superior pull-out deliver superior strength while a removable armor stop on the STAR TECK EXTREME line provides greater cable range, which reduces your part numbers and inventory.

Emergency Lighting

Whether planning, installing, managing or renewing emergency lighting, ABB LED products offer low total cost of installation, inspection and maintenance, low energy consumption, safety and continuous operation, plus protection for harsh and demanding conditions.

Interruptible Unit Equipment
Mini Inverter Series

cUL Listed stand-alone pure sine wave output inverters provide power to designated emergency lighting fixtures delivering power from the onboard battery supply during power losses. Works with incandescent, LED, and fluorescent fixture types and automatically runs switched, normally-on, or normally-off designated emergency fixtures.

PRO-BLU 933 Twist-on Wire Connectors

PRO-BLU makes installation easy and painless, even when installing multiple wire connectors. Ergonomic design and a wide range of approved wire combinations ensure these connectors are a perfect fit for most residential and commercial applications.

Acuity Brands
Acuity Centres for Configuration and Light & Space Learning

Located in Thornhill, ON, Acuity's Advanced Configuration Centre configures and ships thousands of fixtures each year. Thornhill is also where Acuity leads lighting, controls and daylighting educational seminars. Its Canadian Center for Light & Space (CL&S) provides comprehensive education and training programs to arm customers with the knowledge of applying the best lighting solution for every environment. Training exposes participants to the latest innovations that improve lighting quality, save energy, and integrate digital controls, daylighting & building systems while accentuating the architectural space. Acuity also has four manufacturing facilities, six regional distribution centres, 11 regional networks and more than 500 team members across Canada.

JunoConnect "Smart" Wafer Downlight
SmartThings certified to work with smart home hubs like Alexa and Google Home, easily pair JunoConnect wafers to a mobile device for voice control, time schedules, and groups to control lighting. Customizing lighting is simple with tunable white color control (2700K to 5000K), dimming down to 1% to set the perfect mood, and on/off control.
1x4', 2x2', 2x4'
Surface Mount Troffer Kits
Designed to easily convert recessed troffers to surface mount fixtures. Available in 1X4, 2X2, and 2X4 sizes.
Siemens Celebrates 50 Years of Manufacturing Excellence in Canada

In 2021, Siemens Canada celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Drummondville manufacturing facility. The plant opened in 1971 and has since been recognized as one of the top-performing factories across Siemens in 190 countries globally. The facility is an example of modern manufacturing, thanks in large part to a highly skilled workforce, award-winning operational efficiency, and progressive in-house technology.

Meter Centres

Built with contractors in mind, Siemens high-quality multi-family metering includes an assortment of module types configurable to meet a wide range of residential, commercial or industrial group metering applications. Engineered and manufactured in Canada and meet all Canadian requirements.

240V Modular Meter Centres
Offering maximum versatility, Siemens modular metering stacks can be selected in pre-assembled units to minimize on-site labour, or as a separate plug-in module for customized installation. Modular construction offers real post-installation flexibility permitting on-site changes with minimum downtime.
600V Modular Meter Centres
Made to maximize productivity and minimize labour costs, Siemens 600Y/347V metering line is an ideal solution for restricted space projects. This metering solution for 3-phase, 4-wire 600Y/347V applications was designed in Canada based on contractors’ feedback.
Sentron® SMP Switchboard (400-1200A)

The SMP switchboard improves layout convenience, reducing installation costs, and minimizing the impact and cost of system changes. Providing space-saving construction and service flexibility necessary in systems for light industrial plants, retail strip malls, and commercial buildings, the SMP switchboard is designed for special configurations and can be equipped with incoming and outgoing cable/conduit connections, supplied with utility metering and offers a wide variety of special features.

Integrated Power Systems Switchboard (IPS)

Integrate multiple pieces of electrical distribution equipment into a single assembly with Siemens integrated power systems (IPS) switchboards. Featuring a modular design allowing it to be combined with standard service entrance or distribution switchboards, the IPS switchboard can also be cable or bus connected to existing switchboard lineups.

Sentron® FCI, FCII Switchboards

Delivering rugged construction and service flexibility necessary in systems for industrial plants, high-rise complexes, hospitals and commercial buildings, Siemens FCI and FCII Switchboards are built to NEMA and CSA, C22.2 #31 and EEMAC, G8.2 standards. Switchboard distribution sections accept a wide range of options including Sentron reliable low voltage circuit breakers, fusible switches, SPD modules, metering devices and relays, making future system modifications easier to handle without adding switchboard sections. Light, easy-to handle, formed steel front, back and side covers make interior access simple.

P1 Panel Kits

The smallest panel in the Siemens lineup, with bus sizes up to 400A. Split neutral bus design and open-ended bus simplify branch wiring and allow for maximum flexibility on the job. The split neutral bus design means the lead lengths for line and neutral can be made nearly the same, creating more room and a neater installation. P1 meets the majority of lighting panel needs.

P2 Panel Kits

Offering a stepped approach to power distribution (P1-P2-P3), the hallmark of the “P Series” line of panels is flexibility. With a wide array of factory-assembled options to meet virtually any lighting panel application, the P2 allows for the mixing of breaker frames (up to 250 amps) within the unit space and meets many distribution panel requirements in a much smaller package.

P3 Panels

An innovative and smaller footprint distribution panel, the P3 Panel fits many applications that require more (or larger) branch devices than the lighting panel class can offer. It comes with a variety of factory-assembled options and can mix breaker frames in a unit space up to 250A.

S5 Power Panels (Breaker Type)

Flexible and rugged, Siemens distribution power panels are customizable for every application. The Siemens S5 power panel allows for mixing and matching devices of different sizes and ratings in order to build the perfect tailor-made solutions. An extensive set of parts and additional features makes for limitless options

ID Switches
The Industry’s Most Trusted Safety Switches
Superior Performance & Application Flexibility

Manufactured in Canada for quick delivery and easy access to replacement parts, Siemens ID Switches are General Duty switches designed for applications where reliable performance and continuity of service are needed. Featuring quick-make quick-break operation and visible blade construction. Service entrance rated 30A to 600A and suitable for use in a circuit that is rated for 200kA RMS, these switches accept CSA certified, H.R.C. fuses, Form I (Class J, R or H) and Form II fuse.

Stanpro is Dedicated to Brightening Experiences

One of the largest lighting companies in Canada, Stanpro entered the lamp business in 1984 and has since grown to 200 employees. Stanpro operates its engineering, design, manufacturing and distribution capabilities out of a 155,000 sq. ft. building located in Dorval, Quebec.

FLB LED Flood Light Gen 4 3K 4K 5k
LED flood light offers 4 power and 3 CCT selectable or single power and single CCT configurations with universal mounting.
LED Gimbal High Output Downlight
A sleek design and small aperture without any compromise to light output. With up to 950 lumens and a CRI of 90, this small downlight provides an outstanding performance that will suit both residential and commercial applications.
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