Gescan Tool Solutions

Gescan has the largest selection of quality electrical tool products by trusted companies like Milwaukee, Klein, Greenlee and more. We distribute non-powered hand tools, heavy duty portable electric power tools and accessories, testers and meters and innovative specialty electrical tools designed for electricians, by electricians. Discover what is worth adding to your tool pouch, visit a branch today.

Bits & Blades

Digging through a multitude of bits & blades to find the right one is a complete hassle. At Gescan, we provide you a wide assortment of bits & blades in various types and sizes that are ideal for many different applications. We bring you the color coded bits; step drill, auger, drill bit, and more that are designed for long life and durability. They produce less heat and are excellent for drilling in all kinds of materials. Our range of blades also cuts a wide range of construction materials, irrespective of their thickness.


Gescan offers you a wide range of work clothing, which includes gloves, suspenders, hoodie kit, phone holder, rolling tool bag, jackets, tool belt, and pants. Irrespective of the industry you work in, our clothing provides you greater flexibility and increased protection so that can work safely. The entire line is cost-effective and also saves you from cuts, tear, and abrasion.

Cordless Power

We provide you with an array of cordless power tools that allow you maximum mobility and freedom in confined spaces. Our range of cordless tools includes soldering iron, cable cutter, brushless drill, hedge trimmer, crimper, and hammer drill/driver kit. Featuring superior construction and advanced design, all the tools are light-in-weight and delivers game-changing productivity, even on the most challenging work sites.

Hand Tools

At Gescan, you can find many different hand tools that will help make your job easy and efficient. Whether you are doing a detailed carving or repairing something, we have many hand tools such as knives, levels, tape measures, tool sets, hex keys, staple guns, strippers/crimpers, pliers, die kits that will cater all the job needs seamlessly.


Labels help with the identification of cables, pipes, wire bundles, and conduits. We offer you cable and wire markers that can be used for commercial and industrial applications involving the temperature ranging from -40 to 121 degrees Celsius. They are easy to use and can be used with line or low voltage cables. Markers are also ideal for repairs and retrofitting.

Meters & Testing

Testers allow electricians, homeowners, maintenance, and safety personnel to test for the energized circuits, irrespective of the location. Meters capture important readings and multimeter measures various components, including AC and DC voltage, DC, and resistance. Select from many versatile meters and testers for anything from light residential to heavy commercial applications.

Gescan provides quality electrical tools for a variety of projects in both residential and commercial applications. We are equipped with Meters, Testers, Hand Tools, Labels, Bits & Blades, Cordless Power Tools, Clothing, and many other tools that make your job easy, fast, and efficient. Bits & Blades produce less heat and cuts through a wide variety of construction materials. Clothing keeps you safe in high-risk sites; labels allow easy identification of cables and wires, and cordless power tools let you move freely around the work site. We strive to provide excellent tools for increased savings and productivity. You can find many electrical tools on Gescan and streamline your repair or maintenance process.

Electrical contractors need tools to increase productivity, save time and make more money. There have been many advances in power and non-power technologies available to today’s electricians. Making work easier, and allowing them to accomplish more in less time. Power tools have advanced steadily, and today there are a variety of products available that are significantly better A Testing tool being used to meter some wiresthan those that were sold a year or two ago. Manufacturers are focusing on creating tools that are more powerful, compact, lighter in weight, easier to use and more durable.

Many of the latest tools are made from materials that help reduce weight, improving ergonomics and making them less tiring to use. Also improved batteries provide increased power and run time that you want, making them more preferable to corded tools. Convenience isn’t limited to hand tools. Cable pullers, conduit benders and cutting tools are also available as power tools. This can significantly speed production by replacing muscle power with electrical power. Wire can be pulled manually for residential or commercial buildings, but on larger projects with long runs and multiple cables, power pulling tools work best. Many options and multiple sizes are available, offering a range of pulling capabilities. Every time you don’t have to setup a big puller, you save money. Many tools and options are available to help make your business more efficient and productive.

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