Future-Proof Designs & Tender Projects Faster with Distribution Expertise from Wes Noon

Gescan is proud to introduce our new Distribution Specialist, Wes Noon, for the Mid-West region including Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina and Estevan. He helps determine the most efficient and cost-effective solutions and tender projects faster by providing distribution, pricing and design-build assistance to Gescan customers for all their power distribution project needs. With more than 25 years of experience in construction and as an electrical contractor, Wes has extensive field, design, applications and hands-on installation experience with all major electrical manufacturers' equipment.  

Originally from Seattle, Wes began his career as an apprentice commercial electrician and earned his Electrician’s Journeyman’s license in the USA. He went on to become a partner in an electrical contracting company and is also IP Red Seal Certified in Canada. Wes’ wealth of industry knowledge enables him to easily bridge the information gap between contractors and distributors, “By speaking the ‘contractor language’, I am able to quickly translate what the customer is requesting and ensure they get the right materials. My background from being on the electrical contractor and construction side of the industry will help our customers spend less time explaining what they need and more time working on their projects,” Wes said. 

Wes builds trusting relationships with Gescan customers through his honest, reliable and committed approach, “Relationships can build mountains. My word is the most important thing to me and that people know I can be counted on. I help everyone I come in contact with in any way I can and if I can’t assist them, I’ll find someone that can.” Wes explained that knowing his Gescan colleagues share his philosophy makes servicing customers easy, “It’s nice to know everyone has my back to help get customers taken care of. Everybody is willing to work with each other and learn. They all seem to really care for each other and excited to tap into my background knowledge.”  

Wes’ decades of experience in the electrical industry allows him to work with Gescan customers to troubleshoot and solve issues quickly, as well as develop lasting solutions, “When helping come up with a design, I always try to make it so there's room for expansion if the customer ever wanted to because in our industry you are always expanding, always adding on. Our goal is to give our customers the best possible product for the best possible price while also making their lives easier moving forward.” 

In addition to building power distribution solutions, Wes also rebuilds old cars. A self-proclaimed “mustang guy”, Wes spent three years restoring his first mustang, a ‘68, beginning when he was just 15 years old. He’s completed several other 60’s mustangs since and is currently working on a 1976 MGB. However, Wes says his true passion is hockey. He spent 17 years as a coach in Seattle before accepting the opportunity to purchase a Saskatoon Junior Hockey Team, the Delisle Chiefs, in 2008. In 2012, Wes moved to Canada to better manage, run and oversee the team. 

For expert electrical distribution advice, please contact Wes Noon at Wes.Noon@Gescan.com

Discover How to Ensure Your Distribution Design Can Stand the Test of Time

Offering distribution, pricing and design-build assistance, discover how our Power Distribution Specialist, Wes Noon, helps you determine the most efficient and cost-effective solutions and tender projects faster.

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