Gescan Wire & Cable Solutions

Your business requires continuous performance from your IT network. We provide Industrial, ACWU, Instrumentation, Portable, Specialty, NMWU cables, and more that increases overall efficiency and uptime of various applications. At Gescan, we have flexible cables with good tensile strength and elongation characteristics. They also have excellent resistance to oil, water, sunlight, moisture, and other outdoor elements. Portable cables are certified for indoor and outdoor use and are best for temporary power applications. As the networks have started to evolve, our cables are sure to help the professionals meet all the rising needs. Let us show how good quality cables can make a difference in the overall performance of a system.


We provide you the data/voice cables that are suitable for high bandwidth, mining, and direct burial applications. Suitable for outdoor usage, they also work for applications with data rates up to 3.2 Gbps. Our data/voice cables help in the structured cabling, cable television, satellite, residential and commercial antennae installation, and more.

Industrial Cable

Gescan offers industrial cables that are abrasion, tear, shatter resistant, and come with good flexibility. These cables are ideal for usage with pumps, swimming pool motors, compressors, and air conditioners. We also have cables with PVC jackets that are perfect for corrosive environments, direct burial applications, and non-combustible applications.

Instrumental Cable

Instrumental cables are suitable for projects related to engineering, power distribution, generation, and consumption. Shop the variations of instrumentation cables for your upcoming project.

NMWU Cables

NMWU cables are underground electrical cables with copper wire for underground electrical wiring. These cables can be used for underground installations, including direct burial. Made of PVC, they can be used for work in both exposed and concealed areas.

Portable Cables

Portable cables are the cords with multiple conductors that can be used for connections, which require flexibility. With excellent flexibility and ability to withstand exposure, these cables are ideal for a multitude of applications such as power extensions, machinery, building connections, and motors in small and large tools.

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