48" 32W 120V-277V 2-Lamp 2RT8S Series Volumetric Recessed Lighting

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Intended use: RT8S is designed for applications that require the extremely energy efficient delivery of comfortable volumetric light from a lay-in fixture that is appealing and shallow in depth and where room-side ballast access is required. Ideal for offices, schools, hospitals and numerous other commercial. Optical system: Delivers volumetric lighting by filling the entire volume of space with light, providing the ideal amount to walls, cubicles, work surfaces and people. Luminous characteristics are carefully managed at high angles, distributing just enough intensity to deliver the volumetric effect. 98% reflective Alanod MIRO® silver optical assembly efficiently redirects lamp output to the refractor. Regressed refractive system obscures and softens the lamp and smoothly washes the reflector with light. Linear faceted reflector softens and distributes light into the space and minimizes the luminance ratio between the fixture and the ceiling. Mechanical cut-off across the reflector and fresnel refraction along the refractor provide high angle shielding and a quiet ceiling. Sloped endplates provide a balanced fixture to ceiling ratio while enhancing the perception of fixture depth. Construction: Rugged, steel reflector with embossed facets. Painted after fabrication. Fixtures may be mounted end-to-end. Electrical system: High-efficiency, CEE qualified, instant-start, 10% THD, universal voltage and sound rated A are available as quick-ship items. Optional program-start and step-dimming ballasts available. Designed and optimized for use with CEE (Consortium for Energy Efficiency) qualified, high-lumen, long life T8 lamps and energy-efficient electronic ballasts. Maintenance: Lamps accessed by unlatching trim and allowing it to hinge open for easy maintenance. Ballast is accessed from below by removing channel cover. Listing: UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian standards.


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