SHELLEY INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION PBA 105-130VAC 50/60Hz MULTI-BEAM Series 3- and 4-Wire AC Power Block

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These power blocks are the most commonly used for ac operation. As the typical hookup shows, they are intended to switch the same ac voltage as is used to power the MULTI-BEAM. However, the output of all four blocks is rated for 250V ac maximum, and all can switch a voltage which is different than the supply as long as both ac circuits share a common neutral. For example, a PBA could switch a 24V ac door chime, etc. Observe local codes when mixing ac voltages in a wiring chamber. These blocks are designed to handle the inrush current of ac inductive loads like motor starters and solenoids. The "holding current" specification of any inductive load should not exceed the 750mA output rating. There is no minimum load requirement. These power blocks will interface directly to all ac programmable controller inputs. All contain built-in transient suppression to prevent false turn-on or damage from inductive loads and line "spikes". Outputs of multiple power blocks may be wired in series or parallel for "AND" and "OR" logic functions


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