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Manufacturer:KLEIN TOOLS
Manufacturer #:M2O39141RV3


Custom tool kit include 8 inch (203 mm) heavy-duty long-nose pliers, side-cutting (D203-8). 8 inch (203 mm) high-leverage diagonal-cutting pliers, angled head (D248-8). 10 inch (254 mm) pump pliers (D502-10). 8 inch (203 mm) adjustable wrench extra-capacity (D507-8). Journeyman™ high-leverage side-cutting pliers, connector crimping and fish tape pulling (J2000-9NECRTP). Non-contact voltage tester (NCVT-1). High-leverage cable cutter (63050). Wire stripper/cutter (11045). Cable/lineman s skinning knife hook blade, notch and ring (1570-3). Terminal block screwdriver (612-4). Cushion-grip 6-in-1 tapping tool (626 ). No.1 square-recess tip screwdriver 4 inch (102 mm) round-shank (661). No.3 square-recess tip screwdriver 4 inch (102 mm) round-shank (663). No.2 square-recess tip screwdriver 8 inch (203 mm) round-shank (666). 1/4 inch (6 mm) keystone-tip screwdriver 4 inch (102 mm) heavy-duty square-shank (600-4). No.1 Phillips screwdriver 3 inch (76 mm) round-shank (603-3). No.2 Phillips screwdriver 4 inch (102 mm) round-shank (603-4). 1/4 inch (6 mm) cabinet-tip screwdriver 6 inch (152 mm) heavy-duty round-shank (605-6). High-tension hacksaw (702-12). Electrician s straight-claw hammer (807-18). Rare earth magnet torpedo level (931-9RE). Tape measure-7.5 m magnetic (93275). Tradesman Pro™ suspenders (55400). Tradesman Pro™ Electrician s tool belt (Large) (55428).


Brand Name Klein Tools Item Name Votec Tool Kit
Type Custom Number of Pieces 24
Includes 8 in Heavy Duty Long Nose Pliers, D203-8 Side Cutting, 8 in High Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers, D248-8 Angled Head, D502-10 10 in Pump Pliers, D507-8 8 in Adjustable Wrench Extra Capacity, Journeyman High Leverage Side Cutting Pliers, J2000-9NECRTP Connector Crimping and Fish Tape Pulling, NCVT-1 Non Contact Voltage Tester, 63050 High Leverage Cable Cutter, 11045 Wire Stripper/Cutter, Cable/Lineman's Skinning Knife Hook Blade, 1570-3 Notch and Ring, 612-4 Terminal Block Screwdriver, 626 Cushion Grip 6-in-1 Tapping Tool, 661 No.1 Square Recess Tip Screwdriver 4 in Round Shank, 663 No.3 Square Recess Tip Screwdriver 4 in Round Shank, 666 No.2 Square Recess Tip Screwdriver 8 in Round Shank, 600-4 1/4 in Keystone Tip Screwdriver 4 in Heavy Duty Square Shank, 603-3 No.1 Phillips Screwdriver 3 in Round Shank, 603-4 No.2 Phillips Screwdriver 4 in Round Shank, 605-6 1/4 in Cabinet Tip Screwdriver 6 in Heavy Duty Round Shank, 702-12 High Tension Hacksaw, 807-18 Electrician's Straight Claw Hammer, 931-9RE Rare Earth Magnet Torpedo Level, 93275 Tape Measure 7.5 m Magnetic, 55400 Tradesman Pro Suspenders, 55428 Tradesman Pro Electrician's Tool Belt (Large)


1 - UNIT - 1 20 - UNIT - 20
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