​Dear Valued Customers,

COVID-19 is causing our landscape to change at a rapid pace. In a short time frame, we have been forced to adapt, pivot and make changes, and then adapt, pivot and make changes again. As such, I write to provide you with important updates on Gescan’s COVID-19 response with respect to product returns, business continuity, business hours, and our new curbside pick up service. I want to assure you that we are committed to safety first, service always.

Product Returns (including warranty & defective): 
We are suspending product returns due to health and safety concerns. We will work with you on returns once it’s safe to do so. Please keep your original invoice and ensure that product is kept in the original packaging in order to streamline the process once it’s safe to resume product returns.

Business Continuity:
The government has recognized Gescan as an essential service in the provinces in which we operate. We recognize the critical nature your business and have put plans in place to help minimize disruption in our service levels. 

Business Hours:
There has been no change to business hours in our branches or head offices at this time. Please follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date.

Curbside Pick Up Service:
To help limit store traffic and increase social distancing, we have launched the option of Curbside Pick Up in all our branch locations. By ordering online, through our mobile app or by calling in your order, we will set a pickup time, and bring your order out to you when you arrive. If you forgot something, don’t worry. We can take care of it on the spot during the pick up process. We strongly recommend using this service, however, we are still open to serve in all of our locations.

Safety In Our Branches:
We have further escalated social distancing protocols and protection inside our stores. We are also limiting the number of people allowed in our stores at one time, based on the size of the location.

As we have seen, every day brings more information, but at times, more uncertainty. Together we will persevere.

​Safety First, Service Always,


Jeff Derkuch
President of Gescan