We are excited to announce Simon Smoldon's promotion to Sustainable Solutions Business Unit Manager at Gescan.

Simon joined Gescan in 2016 as the Heating and Ventilation Specialist and quickly became an integral part of our team. His attraction to Gescan stemmed from our data-driven approach and innovative mindset in decision-making.

In his new role, Simon will focus on driving sales of sustainable solutions, such as electric vehicle (EV) charging, power sharing, solar power and other green offerings. He will collaborate with branch managers, sales leaders and teams to expand our portfolio and identify regional opportunities.

Simon's goal is to position Gescan as a leading provider of sustainable solutions. He prioritizes education and training to guide customers in navigating products, rebates, and incentives. Simon believes in future-proofing installations and highlighting long-term solutions that deliver a positive return on investment for end users.

To learn more about Simon's vision and Gescan's commitment to sustainability, read the full article.