Foothills Calgary Cancer Centre

The new Calgary Cancer Centre (CCC) will be a world‐class health care facility and academic centre for the provision of cancer services in Southern Alberta.

Legrand became involved in the early construction phase of the P3 Design‐Build project.  Neil Sutton of Legrand, along with McKenna Agencies met the contractor at site when the building was a deep hole in the ground.  Discussions on productivity laid the foundation for subsequent design configurations and orders for prefabricated wall boxes.  

FAS Power pre‐configured wall box assemblies were utilized throughout the facility in combination with Legrand’s PlugTail receptacles.  This greatly improved the speed and overall productivity of the installation.  Use of PlugTail also allowed the circuits to be tested earlier in the construction phase.  

Dan Matthews, Project Manager for Plan Group summarized his thoughts as follows:

 “Utilizing the FAS power assemblies saved time for both field and office staff and helped to ensure that on a project of this scale we accurately captured material requirements and got everything where it needed to go. Working with Neil we were able to develop assemblies that created a drastically simplified install for device boxes with mounting brackets, mud rings, connectors, dust covers, grounds and even receptacle PlugTails already installed. Foremen were able to receive crates of ready to install assemblies that could be laid out in minutes per room vs sorting through individual parts and pieces that had to be assembled on site with potential for error. Having everything assembled and ready to install on a project of this scale saved thousands of hours of on‐site assembly and installation time, not to mention costly rework from incorrect mud rings, wrong box or connector sizes, etc.”

The FAS Power engineered solution was the solution best suited for this large project. Legrand also has a day to day pre‐configured wall box solution that would be stocked at the local distributor, called EZE‐Fab.  The EZE‐Fab Branch Assembly models meet the majority of the contractors’ project needs allowing them to better manage time, labor, field changes, moving deadlines etc.