Siemens has expanded production capacity in Canada improving lead times on load centres

Siemens Canada has lots to celebrate this year. Their plant in Drummondville, Quebec is not only celebrating 50 years of manufacturing excellence but is also making a significant contribution to the domestic market through expanding production capacity in Canada.

Expanded production capacity in Canada is a result of increased investment in automation, and the decision to release the SNC, a U.S. version of the 3-phase load center, to the Canadian market.

The plant opened its doors in 1971 to supply high-quality, reliable and safe electrical products, and has since sized, scaled and pivoted in response to shifting market conditions, weathered difficult periods, including economic downturns, political shifts and most recently, the pandemic.

In 2021, the plant implemented the first module of Siemens PLM software, a development that will significantly enhance supply and production planning in their Drummondville, Quebec plant.

As the facility embraces automation and robotics, improved lead times are expected. The installation of cooperative robots will enhance the quality and consistency of outputs throughout the plant as well as increasing safety and security.

It also means that more production capacity is now available for their SEQ line of residential loadcentres as their SNC 1-phase loadcentres which will continue to be manufactured out of the U.S., allowing for more capacity to produce their residential load centres in Canada. Learn more about the new SNC loadcentres below.

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