Our strategy to a healthier planet.
Accelerating Adoption of Clean Energy & Net-Zero Emissions

Sustainable development is at the very core of our business. As a member of the Sonepar family, Gescan is fully committed to being more sustainable and is preparing for future energy transition challenges by promoting energy-efficient products and raising awareness on sustainability internally. Our strategy is fully aligned with the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainability Development Goals.

Our Commitments

Global warming and waste are critical challenges our world is facing; we must change how we treat our planet, finding better ways to create and use energy and resources. Society is moving towards clean and infinitely available electric energy and transitioning towards a circular economy of recycling and re-use. The sooner we embrace a clean and circular future, the sooner we move towards a more sustainable, fairer and healthier future. Sonepar has launched Sustainable Commitments to promote sustainability actions in our everyday life at work.

Accelerate the Energy Transition with customers by promoting energy-efficient, renewable, circular products and services such as recycling, repairing and reusing.

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Choosing low-carbon transport when commuting or travelling and organizing online meetings instead of travelling whenever possible.

Consuming responsibly by purchasing products with ethical labels (materials, working conditions) for clothes, electronics, energy, food, etc.

Requesting suppliers & transporters to use low consumption, hybrid or electric vehicles to deliver products. Optimize truckloads, delivery routes, bundle orders and provide logistic data.

Preserve energy by regulating temperatures, installing presence detectors, LEDs and energy management controls, switching off lights and screens when away and replacing devices with energy-efficient products.

Being circular by collecting, sorting and recycling waste, repurposing products that are not used, repairing broken ones, buying refurbished products to avoid resources use, renting or leasing, avoid printing.

Being plastic-free by purchasing bulk products, drinking tap water, refusing single-use plastic and using a personal and reusable water bottle. Avoid goodies and low-quality, single-use plastic objects.

Reducing digital pollution by unsubscribing to unread newsletters, cleaning up inbox mail and archives, and reducing quality of video streaming to reduce servers’ energy consumption.

Career Opportunities

Gescan is a family like no other offering an inclusive, encouraging and rewarding environment to grow your career, your way.

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