The New Normal?

For many the kitchen, playroom or small socially distant offices have become our new places of work. While we can’t control what’s happening in the world, we can control how we feel in our workspace. Having a workspace that’s well lit, organized and connected can help improve your productivity, mental health and happiness. Here are some featured products showing the 3 ways your workspace can make your life a little bit easier.

1. Your lighting can impact your health

Poor lighting can cause eye strain, fatigue and impact sleep.  Using voice assistants, Legrand’s smart lights and dimmers limit the interaction you have with your switches and can improve your sleep quality.  By controlling the level of light, you can experience better sleep and save money with energy efficient bulbs.

Smart Wi-Fi Plug-In Switch

With no installation required, your Smart Wi-Fi switch can be easily plugged in for wireless on/off control of your lights.

Smart Plug-In Dimmer, Wi-Fi

Simply plug in to allow wireless dimming with patented Tru-Universal technology that works with all 120V dimmable bulbs.

Smart Wi-Fi Switch, White

Easily replace standard switches with the Smart Switch to allow convenient control of lights — from anywhere. Available in white only.

2. Decluttering your space can lower stress

We can’t control everything, but we can control our space and how we feel in it. Legrand’s wireless chargers offer convenient, clutter free space to charge your phone.  Aesthetically pleasing, this suite of chargers is perfect for your home office, waiting rooms, lecture halls, transportation hubs and more.

Radiant Wireless Charger

The radiant® Wireless Charger instantly provides a convenient, clutter free space to charge your phone. It replaces any existing single gang outlet for easy installation and works with phones equipped with Qi technology.

QI Wireless Charger

Create a positive environment where you can unwind with the QI Wireless Charger. Turn any table, nightstand or desk into a smart wireless charger with the furniture-ready wireless charging puck.

Furniture Power 2-Outlets with USB-A Ports

Radiant Furniture Power Centers bring convenient power and charging right to the spaces where you work and play in a compact, aesthetically pleasing package. Perfect for office lobbies, waiting rooms, cafeterias, restaurants/bars, lecture halls, transportation hubs, guest rooms, and more.

Power Center Desktop Communication 2 Power

Perfect for desks, tabletops and workstations, the Desktop Power Center offers sleek and easy-to-install solutions that mount directly on surfaces and minimize cord clutter.

3. Faster connections can improve your productivity

You’re at home on Zoom and your screen freezes. It’s annoying, we know. T.P. Link’s routers and powerlines can increase internet speeds at home, and their switches can provide fast, wired connections for multiple desktops for small socially distant offices.

AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Gigabit Router

Improve your internet speed while working from home using a Dual Band Wireless Gigabit Router.  It’s easy to set up and has two USB ports to share files and media on your network.

AV600 Nano Powerline Ethernet Adapter Starter Kit, Ultra Compact

Network speed decreases over distance. Extend your network using the AV600 Powerline Adapter Starter Kit. Plug in the Kit wherever you work and improve your internet speed.

5-port Desktop Gigabit Switch

Check out the 5-port Desktop Gigabit Switch if you’re working from a small socially distant job site. The switch can connect multiple desktop computers on a single network port.  Or get multiple switches for larger sites (when safe to do so)!

Want to keep an eye on packages and home deliveries?

Dahua’s home video doorbell offers Passive IR motion detection and transmits video and audio to a mobile phone for remote visual confirmation and communication with visitors.

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