#2 600V NS75 Quadruplex Neutral Supported Cable

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Manufacturer #:QUAD02-04-NS-75


Quadruplex neutral supported cables consist of an assembly of three insulated phase conductors factory cabled around a neutral conductor. The neutral conductor is the supporting member. The conductors are insulated with polyethylene (PE) rated 75 °C or cross linked polyethylene (XLPE) rated 90 °C. Neutral supported cables are intended for use either as a service drop cable between a power pole and the service entrance, or as a secondary distribution cable between poles. Their use is limited to circuits not exceeding 600 volts phase-to-phase. Quadruplex service drop cable is intended to deliver three-phase power from the secondary power line or pole-mounted transformer to the service entrance conductors at the user’s building or other structure. Optional construction includes an insulated control/supply conductor.


Brand Name Emerson Item Name Underground Distribution Cable
Wire Gauge Size 2 AWG Conductor Material Aluminum
Insulation Material XLPE Voltage Rating 600 V


75 - UNIT - 75
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