Klein Tools, Inc. - 60090 - Klein Cooling Towel, Blue


Product code: KLN60090

Manufacturer: Klein Tools, Inc.

Part Number: 60090

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Klein Cooling Towel helps you cool down during and after hard work or strenuous activities. The PVA material has extraordinary absorbent properties that allow it to retain moisture and stay cooler than ambient air around it. Stays cool for hours. Machine washable.


- Advanced PVA cooling technology
- Feels cooler than ambient air temperature
- Activates quickly; under a minute!
- Stays cool for hours
- Multi-use; reactivate several times
- 13-Inch x 29.5-Inch (330 mm x 749 mm)
- To activate or re-use, wet the towel and gently wring out the excess water
- Machine or hand wash with mild detergent; air dry only
- Store damp in storage tube with cap off for daily use

UPC 092644600906
Color Blue
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