SOUTHWIRE 583105 275m 10 CU SIMpull Coilpak RW90 Copper Stranded Cable, Red

Not available for order
Price $1.0498 / M
Manufacturer #:583105


SIMpull® CoilPAKs RW90 Stranded copper building wire is designed for use in open wiring exposed to the weather such as direct sunlight, wet or dry locations. Can be installed in raceways (except cable troughs and ventilated flexible cableways). Approved for use on ceiling fixtures. SIMpull ® RW90 conductors feature SIM technology jackets which reduces the coefficient of friction, allowing cables to be installed without external lubricants, resulting in reduced labour and materials costs. Single copper conductor with low temperature, moisture resistant XLPE. Rated at 600 V.


1 - UNIT - 1 each - each 275 - 275
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