Just tap or swipe for the perfect light

Lutron’s latest innovation in dimming technology, the Sunnata touch dimmer allows users to simply tap or swipe to adjust their light brightness. Thanks to LED+ Advanced Technology, Sunnata delivers superior dimming of 150W dimmable LED's and 600W incandescent and halogen bulbs. Featuring an on/off paddle switch along with touch-based dimmer that fits in a standard wall plate opening, Sunnata dimmers can be used in single-pole or 3-way mechanical switch operations. And with NO neutral or special wire temperatures needed, Sunnata is simple to install in any home using existing wiring. 

The preferred choice for lighting professionals

The Sunnata Touch Dimmer can be installed in 3 steps, taking less than 15 minutes to install from start to finish. Quickly set optimal dim range and improve bulb performance through a simple button press for fast configuration. And with "MyLevel" personalization users can change nightlight and LED bar brightness. Learn about the next generation in design and technology and how you can recommend it to your customers. 

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