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The dual core processor offers an excellent balance of performance and low power consumption. The RXi IPC has 4 GB of RAM, multiple Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and 32 GB of industrial grade high-speed SSD storage (or optional 250 GB hard disk). These high performance specifications make the RXi IPC the perfect platform for running Emerson's Proficy applications or other industrial applications right at the machine, even in the harshest environments.

Ruggedized for Greater Uptime

From the use of all industrial grade components to its fanless design, the RXi IPC has been engineered for reliability in harsh environments. The core of the RXi IPC architecture is Emerson's rugged COM Express modular CPU platform. GE incorporated patented thermal monitoring technology with sophisticated passive cooling techniques to provide a high-performance, fanless industrial computing platform that can operate in extended temperature ranges.

Designed for Low TCO

The RXi IPC delivers low total cost of ownership (TCO) through its compact size, reduced maintenance, low power consumption, and ease of future performance upgrades enabled by our innovative rugged COM Express CPU architecture. As chip technology evolves, simply upgrade the module without affecting the underlying hardware and assets.




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